How to Use Social Media Effectively

My group and I conducted a social media audit and conversation analysis for Sixth Street Grill. For the project, we assessed our client’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as its Yelp reviews and compared them to their local competitors. Through our analysis, we learned many insights about how organizations can use social media effectively.

Use friendly tone

My group and me right before our meeting with the owners of Sixth Street Grill

My group and me right before our meeting with the owners of Sixth Street Grill.

Maintaining a friendly tone in tweets and Facebook posts facilitates a conversational environment between a business and its clients. It makes it more likely for the public to relate to the business, share its posts with others, as well as get followers excited about content that is being posted.

Be consistent with posts

When posting to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it is crucial to be consistent with content to keep followers interested. It is also important to be consistent with the number of times a business posts per day.  When done efficiently and correctly, followers will consistently see an organization’s posts on their feeds, and as a result, their interest will be sustained.

Interact with followers 

It is important for a business to interact with followers because it makes them feel like they are important and that their voices are being heard. Interacting with followers on social media also gives the businesses the opportunity to show they care and to demonstrate their level of customer service.

Use hashtags or tags in posts

Using hashtags on Twitter or utilizing tags on Facebook helps businesses because it makes their posts easier to find by a wide demographic. Although hashtags and tags are great tools to use in posts it is best to limit hashtags to two or three per post; otherwise, the followers may get overwhelmed.

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